Best Strategies to A Strong Text Marketing Services and How To get Gtarted

Text marketing is an excellent way to establish your small business as an integral part of the neighborhood. Text messages seem to be the only thing people are reading these days, and although it was made popular by gossiping teenagers – everyone is getting into it now! People of all ages and generations are using text messaging to communicate with their family and friends.

Text marketing services involves some strategy. It’s one thing to read about the case studies, and mimic what businesses are doing out there to find success with the marketing method – but it’s another to take the steps and create your unique campaign. Every business is different – therefore strategic steps should be taken to find a fresh marketing approach. With text marketing, there are a great number of possibilities. Achieving steady customer growth is the ultimate goal of boosting those numbers. Here are some ideas to increase your customer database so you can drive traffic to your business.

1. Create your SMS text marketing campaign and advertise it properly. Put it somewhere that everyone can see it. A table tent, display sign, poster or business card. The more visible, the better.

2. Make your call to action simple, and provide an incentive to your customers. “Text SWEET to 96000 for a free cupcake with any bakery purchase!”

3. Keep your messages short. People enjoy text messages because they aren’t lengthy like some emails can be. The message only takes a few seconds to read and respond to – and that is what works.

4. Constantly be seeking out new and fresh locations to place your advertisements. The more people who see your text marketing campaign, the more opt-ins you will see.

5. Provide your loyal customers with regular discounts, and don’t forget to reward them for referring their friends to your business. Word of mouth is the best reputation you can strive for.

6. Use text marketing to send out event announcements, invitations and streamline the RSVP process. This is a very effective way to host a successful event.

7. Send out valuable messages, such as tips or pieces of advice relevant to your business. If you are a restaurant, give a cooking tip or recipe idea.

8. Use text marketing to reach long lost customers. If someone hasn’t shopped at your store in a while – send out a “we miss you” message with a coupon, encouraging them to return.

9. Create appointment reminders in your SMS system. This is particularly effective in salons, spas, or doctor’s offices. No more no-shows, give your clients the opportunity to reschedule so as not to waste anyone’s time.

10. Take advantage of holidays. People love to feel special, so sending out special promotions for holiday shoppers will drive traffic through your doors in no time.

11. Use social networking. Link your customers up to your Facebook page, and offer incentives to those who “like” your business.

12. Create a survey. Find out what your customers are purchasing, and what they aren’t. Determining your customer’s preferences allows you to create individual lists – ensuring that your text marketing messages are always relevant.

How to get started with text marketing services

Text marketing can work in any industry and can be applied to any business out there, large or small. Restaurants can see some great results by using text marketing, as well as retail stores, or even a doctor’s office. The possibilities are quite vast. Here are some rules to get started in text marketing:

1. Keep it legal: Even though SMS is nearly spam-free, there are people out there who are trying to upset this balance by attempting to sell text blasts to lists of random cell phone numbers. If you go this route, you can expect to be cut off by cell phone carriers – and Congress will certainly hit you with penalties. Consumers must opt-in to receive your text message marketing campaigns, so offer an incentive or two to sweeten the deal.

2. Don’t discard your traditional marketing: text marketing services is highly versatile, and can be used alongside traditional marketing methods. Restaurants can use table tents to encourage a text-in for a discount. A retail store can post a sign. You can even run a radio advertisement, instructing customers to text-in for a promotion from your business.

3. Give people some bang for their buck: People are wary about giving up their cell phone number. Therefore, it is important to make them feel comfortable. One way to accomplish this easily is to reward them – for those who opt-in to your text message marketing campaigns; they may have special “insider” access to promotions that others don’t have.