Jul 26, 2013

Christina Applegate is discovering a side of her family she knows nothing about on TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

On Tuesday’s episode, Applegate wants to learn about her paternal grandmother, a family member whom neither she nor her father ever really knew. From wedding announcements to society notices, Applegate is pretty surprised when she digs deep into her past.

Watch an exclusive clip from the episode, which airs on Tuesday at 9/8c on TLC.

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  • Lorraine Speers

    I just finished watching your/your father’s story on “Who do you think you are” and I can barely see through all my tears.

    I have been researching my family lines since 1985 and have discovered some difficult information, much like your own.
    Please give your Dad a huge hug for me.
    Discovering Lavina had secured a burial space for her son was a beautiful gift, and the headstone was perfect response!
    The words of love, respect and support you gave your dad after divulging the sad results regarding his parents relationship and his mothers demise deeply touched my heart. Hugs to you Christine. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • wayne dion

    Just watched the episode. I think your search is incomplete. There are new questions that you & your dad need to get answers for. With all of the emotions you both were feeling as well as all the information you both were trying to process, I think you overlooked an important piece of the puzzle. When you were looking at the Lot card from the cemetery ,this is what the viewer saw:

    “ollowing 4 persons are to be buried in lot except by p
    Ael Constant: 1.Ovid V. Shaw-father died 2/1950(handwritten)
    2.Delilah S. Beshears-daughter died (handwritten)
    3.Lavina V. Shaw ”
    4.Robert Wm. Applegate- son the word ‘grand’ is
    Handwritten over the word son.”

    Obviously, we were shown an incomplete card. However, from what I see here, I think there are a few assumptions that can be made:
    Michael Constant, the man your grandfather accused your grandmother of being involved with, is somehow connected to your family because he owned the burial plots. He could be an old business partner of your great-grandfather, or a family friend who didn’t lose everything during the depression and was able to do this one last thing for your family. I think you need to investigate this relationship to see if you can find answers. Also, cemeteries have been known to make mistakes. Since your grandmother remarried, & there is not a date of internment on the Lot card, I think that you should recheck the cemetery records to see if there is a record of a “Livania V. Walton” having been interred beside her husband, Charles Walton.

    You went this far for your dad, it wouldn’t take much more time to complete the full picture and to be absolutely certain of her final resting place, before investing in a marker.

    Good luck, I hope you find all the answers.

  • Aida

    Loved the moving story of your ancestors. But like Wayne Dion says, there should be some conection with Michael Constant. Look at the 1st card they show you at the Cemetary … on the bottom says: L. O. Constant-Shaw”. The lot card itself says, on the top left corner,: Michael Constant and Ovid Shaw. Not only that … what about looking for the family of your grandmother’s sister, Delilah??

  • Garrett J Walsh

    I started to watch your search for your grandmother and when I heard the family name Shaw and the city of Trenton, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. My late wife was Carol Shaw and she grew up in Trenton on Centre street. There were two sisters Shirley, and Sharon. Shirley is the oldest and Sharon is the youngest. The father was Nelson Shaw and the mother was Helen Kerkes. Carol’s father died in 1985 and her mother in 2001 I believe. Nelson Shaw’s family is from Lancaster Co near Union Pa. There are still some Shaw family members living in the area. There is a family plot located at the Presbyterian church in Union Pa. There are several family members buried there dating back to the 1850 time period. Nelson Shaw is also buried there. I spread Carol’s ashes there shortly after she died in 2007. She was very close to her father just like you and your father. I am not sure that the Shaw family that I know is related to you, but it seems too much of a coincidence that they lived so close to each other in the same neighborhood. If you need to contact me for more info, I will try to help as much as I can. you can contact me thru my email address. I live in Flemington NJ about 20 miles from Trenton

  • Tina

    I watched the show and thought I would further the family tree. I did find that Ovid Shaw was married to Mary Estelle Rich on 26 May 1908 in Washington, DC. They had a son b. 1910. He asked for a divorce on 14 May 1915.

  • Garrett J Walsh

    I was able to write an email to the Learning Channel and related the comment that I wrote earlier on this site. I received a form letter reply from them earlier this week. I got the feeling from that form letter, that the Learning channel was blowing me off and was not interested in forwarding any info I was giving them. I guess they figure that I am some kind of wing nut trying to stalk somebody. So folks, if you think you have any information that would help the Applegate family, don’t try to contact the Learning Channel. It’s a big waste of time. I even found more information regarding Mr. Applegate’s relatives including photos, etc. But, I won’t bother to try to send the information knowing that the producers have no interest in forwarding it.

  • Eleanor Goldy Guear

    Several of us here in Yardville NJ outside of Trenton remember Bobby Applegate – he graduated with us from Yardville School in 1956. He lived with his grandmother in an apartment in Yardville at the time. He started 9th grade with us at Steinert School, but he left shortly thereafter. Hi to Bob!

  • Bonnie Asplint

    I recently watched your epsiode on “who do you think you are”. I cried with sorrow for the little boy inside your Dad that needed to know if he was truely loved by the woman who gave him life and then to cry tears of joy for him when you were able to tell him that his mother did indeed love him. I lost my father in 1980 and he was a man that kept alot of secrets throughout his life. He left Nova Scotia, Canada leaving behind his complete family, including a wife and 5 children. After coming to the US He “married” 3 more times and had more children. my father had over the last few year of his life starting sharing some information about the reasons as to what led him to desert a family for over 50 years. About 2 years ago I started to research his family history, mostly to just get the info down on paper for future generations. I have met with several “road blocks” and had just about given up on my search. But after watching your journey it gave me a boost and I am now committed to continue with my own journey. I am now trying to save every cent I can and plan to make a trip to Nova Scotia someday. Thank you and god bless your for being a great daughter!!!!

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